EU EU-JordanNet II 

International Conference on Mediterranean Countries and EU Opportunities
Amman - Jordan22-23 October 2012
Le Meridien Hotel

Session 1: Welcoming Session   
Welcome addresses and main objectives of the Conference  Raghda Zaid (HCST)  
MIRA experience: a way toward a Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space  Rafael Rodriguez, CSIC - Spain.  Download (2669 kB )
EU-JORDANNET: Results and way forward  Raghda Zaid, HCST  Download (1075 kB )
The New INCONET: MED SPRING  Claudio Bogliotti - Italy  Download (127 kB )
EU-MPC cooperation perspectives  Elisabeth Lipiatou, DG Research and Innovation  Download (5627 kB )
Session 2: Main programmes and instruments for cooperation   
EU-DG Research and Innovation  Thierry Devars, DG Research and Innovation  Download (534 kB )
ESCWA Representative  Saed Habash, ESCWA  Download (1346 kB )
EIB - CMI Representative Mr. Jacques Van der Meer   Download (1340 kB )
Session 3: Evolution of the Euro-Med Cooperation   
Identifying barriers of R&D Cooperation between Europe and the MPC  Thies Wittig, IT Consult GmbH, Germany  Download (132 kB )
Barriers of R&D Cooperation  Refaat Chabouni, Tunisia  
Tackling Difficulties and overcome obstacles to RTI cooperation in EURO-MED area  Marilena Rossano, CNR - Italy  Download (3262 kB )
EU-Egypt Bilateral Cooperation in Science and Technology  Kyriaki Papageorgiou, Cyprus  Download (2027 kB )
  Mr.Hamid El Zoheiry - Egypt  
  Mr. Claudio Bogliotti - Italy  
European Tunisian Cooperation  Moez Jebara - Tunisia  Download (2572 kB )
Session 4: Bringing research and innovation closer together   
BusinessTechnology Innovation and the Orientation of Research Quality in Southern Mediterranean Countries  Mohamed Kayyali, Morocco  Download (1726 kB )
Bringing Research and Innovation closer together  Juliane Brach, Germany  Download (78 kB )
Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research  Abeer Bawab, Jordan  Download (2304 kB )
Session 5: The Cluster initiative   
German Experience  Birgit Ditgens, Germany  Download (240 kB )
Tunisian Experience  Latifa Bousselmi, Tunisia  Download (764 kB )
Jordanian Experience  Fawaz Al-Karmi, Jordan  Download (521 kB )
Session 6: Round Table and Conclusions of the First day   
EC representatives, programme managers, policy makers and researchers discuss way to integrate efforts, matching demand and supply of RDI and implement Euro-Med cooperation.   
Session 1: Synergies, Complementarities and Networking   
BILAT Experience: Egypt  Zeinab El-Sadr, Egypt  Download (790 kB )
BILAT Experience: Tunisia  Moez Jebara, Tunisia  Download (1103 kB )
ENPI Experience: Jordan  Raghda Zaid, Jordan  Download (3223 kB )
ENPI Experience: Egypt  Hamid El Zoheiry, Egypt  
Session 2: Health   
KHBCC Era-wide project - Jordan  Maher A. Sughayer, Jordan  Download (4562 kB )
MAP2ERA Era-wide project - Morocco  Abdessalam El-Khanchoufi, Morocco  
GM_NCD Era-wide project - Tunisia  Sonia Abdelhak, Tunisia  Download (1187 kB )
Session 3: Environment (Including water)   
CB-WR MED Era-Wide project - Tunisia  Latifa Bousselmi, Tunisia  Download (795 kB )
INCAM Era-wide project - Lebanon  Talal Darwish, Lebanon  
SUDSOE project - Egypt  Abd-Alla Gad, Egypt  Download (1021 kB )
Session 4: Energy and Renewable Energy   
J-Eracenter Era-wide project - Jordan  Walid Salameh, Jordan  Download (92 kB )
JoRIEW Era-wide project - Jordan  Amer Ababneh, Jordan  Download (1326 kB )
Session 5: Food & Agriculture   
BOTERA Era-wide project  Sobhia Saifan, Jordan  Download (2443 kB )
OLITREVA project  Jane Hilal, Palestine  Download (934 kB )


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