EU EU-JordanNet II 

Towards Further Enhancement of EU-MED RDI Cooperation
Amman, 14-15 September 2015


Preparations for the collaboration between the Jordanian and the EU scientistsMr. Ahmed Telfah Download
Mobility Grant toward Horizon 2020Mr. Dhiah Eldein Abu Tair Download
The culture of scientific research through the Initiatives of the HCSTMr. Mohammad Brake Download
Towards Further Enhancement of EU-MED RDI CooperationMr. Claudio Bigliotti Download
The Role of Science Diplomacy in Bridging Intercultural Differences and Conflict MediationMr. Hamid Zohairy Download
EU-Egypt BILAT Project - ShERACA Plus Ms. Zainab Elsadr Download
Future European Tuisian Research InnovationCooparationMr. Moez Jabara Download
EU-JordanNet II AchievementsThies Wittig Download
Input - Round Table DiscussionThies Wittig Download
CINEA: EU-MED Cooperation to foster Innovation in the Agro-Food DomainMr. Roberto EscarrĂ© Download


The EU-JordanNet II project (311910) is co-funded by the European Community's Capacities Programme under FP7 (2007-2013)
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