EU-JordanNet II Projects with Jordanian partners that finished between 31/12/2011 and 31/05/2015
JEWEL - Jordan Europe Wide Enhanced research Links in ICT

JoRiew - Improving Capacity of Jordanian Research in Integrated Renewable Energy and Water Supply

WASSERMed - Water Availability and Security in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean

KHCBIO - Supporting the Establishment of a Cancer Biobank for Jordan and its Neighbouring Countries Through Knowledge Transfer & Training

RESSOL-MEDBUILD - RESearch Elevation on Integration of SOLar Technologies into MEDiterranean BUILDings

MIRA - Mediterranean Innovation and Research Cooperation Action

IJERA - Integrating Jordan into the European Research Area

JOCHERA - Jordan Conservation of Cultural Heritage in ERA


BioWALK 4 Biofuels

BOT-ERA “Reinforcing cooperation between the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan and ERA (BOT-ERA)”

J-ERA Center

LINKSCEEM-2: Linking Scientific Computing in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean – Phase 2

"Euro-Mediterranean research cooperation on gender and science: SHE Euro-Mediterranean Research Area” (SHEMERA)

Project name: IJERA - Integrating Jordan into the European Research Area

Thematic area: Environment


The IJERA project is aiming at strengthening capacities of the Environment Monitoring and Research
Central Unit at The Royal Scientific Society in Jordan while realizing it as an international centre of
excellence, dealing with water monitoring, testing, and research establishment, and implementation of
framework to reinforce the cooperation capacities and research activities in Jordan's water sector by
defining water research priorities to respond to socio-economic needs, facilitating participation in
European water research initiatives and inclusion in Euro-Mediterranean Research and Innovation
These topics and activities are addressed by IJERA through following objectives:
  • Objective 1: EMARCU's Cooperation Capacities Reinforcement
  • Objective 2: Wastewater treatment-Related Research Results Dissemination
  • Objective 3: Internationalization and Coordination between Research and Business Sectors
  • Objective 4: Enhancement of EU-JO S&T Partnerships in Wastewater treatment Research
  • Objective 5: Capacity Building for Solving Specific Water Issues
  • Objective 6: EMARCU's Strengthening
  • Objective 7: Setting Up Jordan's Environmental NCP



  • The current situation in terms of national policies and Current S&T Cooperation in Environment programmes, funding needs and offers has been analysed.
  • The analysis shows insight to supporting and hindering factors in water research collaboration between Jordan and EU cooperation opportunities and concise input to policy makers and other relevant bodies as a basis of decision making with regard to Jordan-EU water research action plan.
  • National water research priorities at the national and regional level were identified. Analysis of the most crucial water priorities was carried out, with focus on actual needs, readiness and future potential.
  • This is a continuation and further to the activity already started by the MIRA and EU-Jordan net project. these research priorities were set and be used by EFB to produce the Cooperation-Opportunity Matrix to establish various joint research collaborations with European partners under the FP7 framework.
  • Capacity Building for Cooperation WP4
  • Setting Up Jordan's Environmental NCP
  • Exchange visits of researcher from Jordan to European Centres and vice a versa were conducted in order to stimulate the exchange of experience and improve the contacts necessary to develop agreements between the different Centres and to enhance the technology transfer toward industries
  • Network Facilitation and Dissemination:
I. Project website with team zone and sections for water research
II. IJERA presentation material (IJERA Logo, Brochure, Folder, Notepad & Pens, Electronics Newsletter, Rollup banner and Showcase Brochure).
III. Database of competitive Water Research Actors
  • Developing EMARCU/RSS Strategy (a long term business plan of EMARCU/RSS to become an excellence and reference center for water use and treatments not only in Jordan but also in the neighbouring countries and for the Mediterranean area was prepared).
  • Knowledge Sharing Events and Partnership


All documents of the IJERA activities are included in the web site ( &