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KHCBIO - Supporting the Establishment of a Cancer Biobank for Jordan and its Neighbouring Countries Through Knowledge Transfer & Training

RESSOL-MEDBUILD - RESearch Elevation on Integration of SOLar Technologies into MEDiterranean BUILDings

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JOCHERA - Jordan Conservation of Cultural Heritage in ERA


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Project name: JOCHERA - Jordan Conservation of Cultural Heritage in ERA

Thematic area: ERA WIDE (Environment & Materials)


JOCHERA is a Project funded by the European Commission under the 7th European Framework Programme - Activities for International Cooperation of the Capacities Programme. The project is coordinated by HMCSR at The University of Jordan and includes three European partners from Italy, Spain and one from a candidate country (Turkey). The project duration is 24 months started December 2011. JOCHERA aims at overall reinforcement of University of Jordan, Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research (HMCSR) in Jordan cooperation capacities for cultural heritage protection research in the context of the European Research Area and development to the Conservation centre of excellence to respond to Jordan's socio-economic needs.
Its main objectives are:
  • Reinforcement of UJ's cooperation capacities through targeted trainings for research management, IPR issues and FP7 projects writing and management;
  • Involvement of cultural heritage stakeholders in the future strategy formulation;
  • Strengthening UJ for internationalization and improved coordination between research and business stakeholders;
  • Enhancement of EU-JO S&T partnerships in cultural heritage protection research and related research results dissemination to Jordanian and European audiences;
  • Supporting Jordan young researchers in fields of cultural heritage protection research.


In Jordan we have limited key persons who are interested and really are working in conservation of cultural heritage, and most of the researchers in this field are interested in archaeology. JOCHERA project aims to upgrading the research capacities and development of research centre concerning in the conservation of cultural heritage sectors


  • Upgrading research capacities of HMCSR
o The following activities were conducted
  • Workshop traning in capacity building in FP7
  • Symposium in Jordan cultural heritage conservation
  • Study tours to Italy and Turkey concerning in conservation of cultural heritage
  • Upgrading the 500 MHz NMR instrument already exist in HMCSR with the solid probe
  • Working training in IPR and Technology Transfer
  • The following documents were prepared
o Analysis of Jordan's research and innovation priorities, needs and capacities
o The Jordan's strategic research agenda in cultural heritage
o SWOT analysis, shows the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threatens of HMCSR
o Strategic development plan, shows external (end-users, funding organisation, and partners) and internal factors (e.g. resources, staff experience and expertise) that might impact the set-up and running of the centre; and key factors for assuring successful implementation of the strategic plan.
o Foresight plan, to get the greatest economic and social benefits.


  • Websites
  • Brochures, flayers and posters
  • Abstract book for Jordan's cultural heritage conservation symposium ( June 2012)
  • A Review about "Conservation Materials and Archaeometry Techniques in Jordan (2000&2012)" (submitted)
  • A booklet about " Cultural Heritage conservation projects in Jordan" ( in preparation)