EU-JordanNet II Projects with Jordanian partners that finished between 31/12/2011 and 31/05/2015
JEWEL - Jordan Europe Wide Enhanced research Links in ICT

JoRiew - Improving Capacity of Jordanian Research in Integrated Renewable Energy and Water Supply

WASSERMed - Water Availability and Security in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean

KHCBIO - Supporting the Establishment of a Cancer Biobank for Jordan and its Neighbouring Countries Through Knowledge Transfer & Training

RESSOL-MEDBUILD - RESearch Elevation on Integration of SOLar Technologies into MEDiterranean BUILDings

MIRA - Mediterranean Innovation and Research Cooperation Action

IJERA - Integrating Jordan into the European Research Area

JOCHERA - Jordan Conservation of Cultural Heritage in ERA


BioWALK 4 Biofuels

BOT-ERA “Reinforcing cooperation between the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan and ERA (BOT-ERA)”

J-ERA Center

LINKSCEEM-2: Linking Scientific Computing in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean – Phase 2

"Euro-Mediterranean research cooperation on gender and science: SHE Euro-Mediterranean Research Area” (SHEMERA)

Project name: EU-JORDANNET

Thematic area: Awareness and capacity building


The main topics of the call in 2009 were:
  • To improve the process of providing information on programs and funding in order to promote the cooperation of Jordan in the Framework Programme 7, addressing the Jordanian focal points as well as the researchers;
  • To identify and demonstrate mutual interest and benefit in S&T cooperation between the EU and Jordan, in particular supporting the process of implementing the S&T Agreement between Jordan and the EU;
  • To share best practices through workshops and presenting the state-of-the-art and the prospects for cooperation in particular fields.
Objective 1: Capacity Building
Objective 2: S&T Awareness and Co-operation
Objective 3: Information and Partner Service
Objective 4: The PEOPLE Programme
Objective 5: An S&T Observatory
Objective 6: The SRTD project


Quite a number of activities aiming at bringing Jordan closer to EU Framework Programmes have been carried out over the recent years11. With the exception of the SRTD Project these activities had a regional focus: they were not only focusing on Jordan but on the entire region of the MPC. Numerous information and awareness events were held by these projects addressing the Jordanian research community as well as the SMEs.
To strengthen links to the important thematic areas, SRTD has supported the establishment of six Thematic National Contact Points (NCPs); Energy, KBBE, Environment, Health, NMP and ICT. These NCPs focus on their selected theme and continue to liaise with the Focal Points and coordinate with the National Contact Point at the HCST. On-site training for the Thematic NCPs at European NCPs hosting institutions was carried out by the SRTD with the objective giving the new NCPs hands-on experience of their role.
EU-JORDANNET worked as an incubator for the thematic NCPs, it helped them develop the action plans required to achieve the objectives of their establishment, they also were directly involved in the capacity building activities and the partner days that will be carried out through EU-JordanNet.


  • Objective 1: Capacity Building
Two 2-days training sessions were held targeting administrative staff of universities and the private sector with a total participation of 130 attendees, exceeding by far the 40 participants that were stated as an indicator of success in the DoW.
  • Objective 2: S&T Awareness and Co-operation
Altogether six Thematic Partner Days were carried out, two each for the thematic areas ICT, Health and Environment. Each of these 3-day events consisted of an in-depth introduction of FP7 and the presentation of the current workprogramme on day 1, a training on proposal writing and an analysis of proposal ideas brought forward by the participants on day 2, and a small brokerage event on day 3; to which 3 to 4 European researcher invited to discuss concrete proposal development with the Jordanian counterparts.
  • Objective 3: Information and Partner Service
The main achievement was the development of the project's website and its regular updating, but Due to technical reasons the mailing list of all individuals and institutions in Jordan and the EU, who are interested in JO-EU R&D cooperation, remained on the NCP server and was not accessible for the project partners through the EU-JordanNet website.
  • Objective 4: The PEOPLE Programme
Three awareness events for the People Programme were held with 137 attendees and Overall 13 proposals were submitted for PEOPLE calls from mid 2010 until end of 2011, the majority of the involved organisations had attended EU-JordanNet's Thematic Partner Days.
  • Objective 5: An S&T Observatory
The HCST has completed the potentials part of the "National S&T Requirements Potential Study" and is currently working in the second part: "National S&T Requirement" which includes indicators reflecting EU-Jordan S&T cooperation.
  • Objective 6: The SRTD project
Support to Research and Technological Development and Innovation Initiatives and Strategies in Jordan (SRTD) Project
This project was funded by the European Union to help the innovation and R&D sectors of the Jordanian economy. The project aimed at increasing Jordan's scientific and technological capacity by fostering research and innovation linked to private sector and by accelerating the Kingdom's integration into the European Research Area.


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