EU EU-JordanNet II 

Background and Objectives

Jordan has been well served with numerous FP awareness actions over the recent years which have also created an institutional framework in the country for providing assistance and information on the Framework Programmes. However, there is still a somewhat scattered picture with respect to FP awareness since many activities were one-time events, little co-ordinated amongst themselves and often not very thematic-oriented (with the exception of the ICT Theme, which is funding its own Support Activities). Furthermore, participation in the PEOPLE Programme is still very low.
EU-JordanNet II, building on the success of EU-JordanNet, aims at enhancing and developing the S&T Partnership - in close cooperation with the SRTD II Project - through the following objectives:
Objective 1: Support the implementation of a service approach for FP7 Contacts in Jordan.
  • Support the implementation of a service approach for FP7 Contacts in Jordan, and where appro-priate the extension of the network of FP7 Contacts.
  • Coaching and training of Focal Points and Jordanian Thematic NCPs.
Objective 2: Support for Research and Innovation Actors
  • Training and coaching individual Jordanian actors (researchers and SMEs) on proposal preparation, innovation perspectives and partnership establishment to facilitate the preparation of collaborative activities.
  • Creating awareness about the thematic areas of HORIZON2020 among the Jordanian researchers and the private industry through specialised thematic workshops
Objective 3: Support the bilateral S&T policy dialogue.
  • Organizing joint EU-Jordan S&T Committee meetings to oversee implementation of the agreement and regularly discuss the future orientations of research policies and planning both in Jordan and in the EU.
  • Identify possible new priorities that need to be incorporated in the bilateral policy dialogue between Jordan and the EU. Particular attention will be given to the new Science and Technology Innovation Policy currently developed in Jordan.
Objective 4: Research and Development and Innovation Opportunities for Jordanian and European Re-searchers
  • Develop a small 'mobility grant scheme' in the proposed project that will allow Jordanian researchers as well as developers from the private sector to spend some time (average 30 days) at an European organisation.
  • Organise partnership days in Europe together with selected European NCPs and participants from Jordan (universities and SMEs).
Objective 5: Cross-cutting support activity: Information and Partner Service
  • Development of information facilities to provide a wide range of services to the Jordanian research community, SMEs and the research administrators of the information points.
  • Monitor and analyse the evolution of the Jordanian collaboration activities in the Framework Programmes and assist Jordanian actors already involved in R&D projects to disseminate and use their project results.


The EU-JordanNet II project (311910) is co-funded by the European Community's Capacities Programme under FP7 (2007-2013)
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